Parasitology eLab

Self-directed Study of Parasites with Virtual Learning Resources

Parasitology eLab is a web-based resource that offers an additional supportive learning tool for the ZYU5304 Parasitology course. It includes virtual learning modules that permit self-paced study of parasites and their diagnosis. It is interactive to promote active engagement of learners and designed to reinforce understanding of the theory and laboratory component of the course.

Web Microscope

Web Microscope module gives the opportunity to observe different species and stages of parasites on a virtual microscopic slide, enabling the learners ...[Read more]

Virtual Laboratory

The Virtual Laboratory module includes videos that demonstrate a number of basic techniques used in the laboratory diagnosis of faecal and blood parasites. ...[Read more]

Parasites A-Z

This module links the learners to the DPDx, which is a website developed and maintained by the Division of Parasitic Diseases and Malaria ...[Read more]

Virtual activities

Virtual Activities provides a number of activities/quizzes to facilitate self-assessment and evaluation of the knowledge ...[Read more]