Ancylostoma duodenale (Old World Hookworm) – Adult

  • Disease: Hookworm disease
  • Habitat in human: Small intestine
  • Diagnosis of infection: Microscopic examination of faeces to detect eggs
Morphological Features
  • Shape – Cylindrical
  • Colour: Creamy white or grey or reddish brown (when blood is ingested)
  • Cuticle surround body – finely striated transversely
  • Anterior end bent dorsally like a hook
  • Cephalic glands in anterior third of the body
  • Buccal capsule is large and heavily sclerotized; Has two pairs of teeth on ventral side
  • Size: 8-11 x 0.5 mm; Males are smaller than females
  • Posterior end expands to a copulatory bursa
  • Size: 10-13 mm x 0.6 mm
  • Posterior end is pointed
  • Body cavity is occupied by ovary and coiled uterine tubes packed with eggs
  • Vulva is in the posterior third of the body

Magnification x4

Magnification x10

Magnification x40





Female- Magnification x4

Male- Magnification x4