Paragonimus westermani (Lung Fluke) – Adult

  • Disease: Paragonimiasis
  • Habitat in human: Lungs – encysted in pairs
  • Definitive host: Human
  • 02 Intermediate hosts: Snail and crab/cray fish
  • Diagnosis: Microscopic examination of sputum to detect eggs
Morphological Features
  • Size: 8-12 mm in length and 4-6 mm in breadth
  • Colour: Translucent and reddish brown
  • Shape: Small and oval in shape
  • Scale-like spines cover the tegument
  • Has two suckers: oral sucker and ventral sucker
  • Testes: lobed, arranged side by side, located behind ovary in posterior third of body
  • Ovary: Lobed, lies on left side of body just behind ventral sucker
  • Vitelline glands: Extensive and appear as a band along periphery of body

Magnification X4