Trichomonas vaginalis – Trophozoite

  • Habitat in human: In female: lower genital tract; In males: urethra and prostate gland
  • Detected in fresh vaginal secretions of infected female; urine sediment sample of infected male
Diagnostic Features
  • Size: 7-30mm in length
  • Pear shaped
  • Characteristic jerky movement when live
  • Undulating membrane, bordered by a flagellum, extends half way along body
  • 05 flagella: 4 free flagella of equal length at anterior end; Fifth flagellum is bordered by undulating membrane,
  • and supported by a flexible rod (costa)
  • Single large, elongated nucleus with a small karyosome; chromatin granules evenly distributed
  • Axostyle is centrally positioned; runs along length of trophozoite and extends beyond body