Plasmodium vivax – Gametocyte

Round to oval with scattered brown pigment Parasitised red cell larger than normal May almost fill the RBC Chromatic mass […]

Plasmodium falciparum – Gametocyte

Crescent or sausage shaped Chromatin is in a single mass (macrogamete) or diffused (microgamete) Cytoplasm is blue to violet (macrogamete) […]

Plasmodium falciparum – Rings

Ring-like with delicate cytoplasm and small vacuole 1 – 2 small chromatin dots Infected RBC are not enlarged Often multiple […]

Toxoplasma gondii – Tissue Cysts

Found in various sites throughout host body – common in brain, and, skeletal & cardiac muscles Morphological Features Size: 5-50 […]

Toxoplasma gondii

Disease: Toxoplasmosis Definitive host: Cats Human is the intermediate host; also rats, pigs, cattle, sheep, and birds Location of tissue […]

Cryptosporidium species

Disease: Cryptosporidiosis Habitat in human: Intestinal tract; occasionally in lungs if infected through inhalation Diagnosis of infection: Microscopic examination of […]

Leishmania species

Disease: Leishmaniasis Habitat in human: Blood – in macrophages, monocytes and neutrophils Diagnosis of infection: Microscopic examination of blood to […]