Echinococcus granulosus (Dog Tapeworm) – Adult

  • Disease: Echinococcosis (Hydatid Disease)
  • Definitive host: Carnivores, particularly dogs and other canines
  • Intermediate host: Sheep and cattle; humans can be an accidental intermediate host
  • Habitat of adult in definitive host: Small intestine
  • Diagnosis of adult infection: Microscopic examination of dog faeces to detect eggs
Morphological Features
  • Size: 3 to 6 mm in total length
  • Scolex
    • Pear shaped
    • 04 suckers
    • Non retractable rostellum with double row of 28-50 hooks
  • Strobila is made of 3 segments: immature, mature and gravid proglottides
  • Proglottides longer than wide
  • Uterus is in middle with short, unbranched lateral sacs
  • Testes are spherical and numerous
  • Genital apertures are marginal, one in each proglottid in an alternating arrangement
Magnification X4