Wuchereria bancrofti

  • Disease: Bancroftian Filariasis
  • Habitat in human: Lymphatic vessels and glands
  • Diagnosis of infection: Microscopic examination of blood for microfilariae
  • Microfilariae are the infective stage to mosquito vector
Morphological Features of Microfilariae
  • Size: 250-300 µm
  • Sheathed; but hardly visible as rather delicate and close fitting
  • Body is gently curved; tail is tapered to a point
  • Cephalic space: equal in length and breadth
  • Excretory cell: small; found near the excretory pore
  • Internal nuclei: loosely packed spaced and countable;
  • No terminal nuclei
  • Appearance in blood film: body curves large, regular and smooth
Magnification x4
Magnification x10
Magnification x40
Magnification x100